Funeral Options

Honoring Your Loved One

When we help you plan ways to honor a life well lived, we explain the many beautiful funeral options and arrangement services that commemorate the life of your loved one.

Selecting from Many Funeral Options

But mostly, we listen. It’s important that we understand your family’s faith and traditions, as well as your funeral budget. Then, together we decide the best funeral option and how to best make your tribute special, unique, and memorable.

Funeral Arrangements

The planning of your tribute starts with an arrangement meeting, where we sit together and discuss the life of your loved one…

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Funeral Services

This may include a complete service, featuring a gathering of family and friends, a service at a church or our funeral home, and burial.

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Memorial Options

Once the memorial service or visitation is complete, you have several memorial options to choose from.

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Funeral Selections

When we assist you in planning your commemorative service, we will explain the selections you’ll make…

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