Cremation Options

For Families Who Choose Cremation.

Did you know that cremation offers all the commemorative options of traditional burial? In fact, there are even more ways to honor your loved one.

The decision is highly personal, and depends on your family’s traditions and beliefs. We are here to offer advice on all the cremation options and cremation services that will help you to plan the perfect tribute.

Cremation Arrangements Cremation Arrangements

Once you have decided on cremation, the process of planning the service is just like the way you would plan for traditional burial.

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Cremation Services at Weed-Corley-Fish Cremation Services

When you choose cremation you have all the commemorative opportunities that normally accompany traditional burial.

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Final Disposition at Weed-Corley-Fish Final Disposition

We encourage families to make their loved one’s tribute even more memorable…

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Cremation Selections at Weed-Corley-Fish Cremation Selections

When planning a cremation service, you’ll be selecting several types of necessary products and services.

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